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Taliban warm-up for talks


Afghan Taliban leadership has approved initiation of preliminary peace talks with Afghan government. Taliban representatives conducting talks with Pakistan and China have received a green signal from their top leadership. Pakistan has advised Taliban leaders to sit face-to-face with the Afghan government and put their demands to find out a political solution.Turkey has expressed its satisfaction with the new phase of relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan. China’s entry into Afghan peace process was long overdue; this will help the sustainability of the peace process, because China is perceived as an honest peace broker by all. As the peace move is likely to pick up in the coming weeks, Afghan president has stepped up consultations with stakeholders in his country to evolve consensus.

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Treacherous trajectory of Pakistan Indian dialogue

Pakistan-India Dialogue

Pakistan Focus Analysis Process of Pakistan-India talks is akin to one step forward and two backwards.  Once again, to promote the spirit of good will in anticipation to upcoming round of talks, Pakistan has released 173 Indian prisoners. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has articulated peace for development as the defining principle of Pakistan’s foreign policy. Building a peaceful neighbourhood and …

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Pakistan and India prepare to Talk


India and Pakistan are preparing for another round of talks. Indian Foreign Secretary is visiting Islamabad soon to resume the talks from the point his predecessor had disrupted arbitrarily.  Since then, Pakistan took a principled stand that as India has disrupted the process, the onus to restart is also on India. American pressure on Prime Minister Narendra Modi has worked. …

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A close call to Modi


Pakistan Focus Analysis            Aam Admi Party (Common Man’s Party) has won a landslide victory in Delhi State elections; out of a house of 70, it has bagged 67 seats, leaving three for the BJP, remaining parties are left high and dry. In run up to these elections, this Party had released its humble manifesto on January 31, …

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Kashmir Solidarity Day

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“Let us remember here that the future of Jammu and Kashmir is not something that the governments of India and Pakistan can decide without involving the Kashmiri people. How this diverse people’s representatives should be identified, and then associated with the process toward a possible settlement, are crucial if difficult questions, but every human and democratic principle demands this association.” …

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In Solidarity With Kashmir: Analysis by Pakistan Focus

Analysis by Pakistan Focus

At this moment of its heightened national hubris, India unrealistically expects Pakistan to relent on its principled stance on Kashmir. It is time to celebrate the solidarity day with added zeal to refresh the international conscious about lingering Kashmir dispute.

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NSG Expansion: An Analysis by Pakistan Focus


Nuclear Suppliers’ Group (NSG) is a 48-nation body established 40 years ago to ensure that civilian trade in nuclear materials is not diverted for military purposes. Nearly six years on, the Indo-US civil nuclear agreement remains a controversial arrangement. As America, the leading proponent of nuclear non-proliferation (NPT), entered into Agreement 123 with a non NPT state, it threw-up a whole …

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Modi’s Options for Pakistan-India Relations: Analysis by Pakistan Focus


Pakistan-India relations follow a peculiar pattern. Comparatively hard-line political parties of both countries are better poised to take bold initiatives in terms of bilateral relations. BJP and PML(N) are better anchored to deconstruct and reconstruct Pakistan-India relations. Decisions taken by them have greater acceptance amongst the people of the two countries. Near simultaneous rise of these two parties to power …

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China’s peaceful rise


Since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, held in 1978, the Chinese leadership has concentrated on economic development. This path toward modernization can be called “the development path to a peaceful rise.” China’s rapid development has attracted worldwide attention in recent years. China’s emergence thus far has been driven by capital, technology, …

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