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Pakistan Focus Condemns Attack on Lahore Churches

Chairman’s Blog:

Pakistan Focus condemns the suicide attacks against two churches in Youhanabad, Lahore. It adds to the long list of  gruesome incidents which are consistently being inflicted on the people of this country. Beside hyping inter-faith discord within the country, such occurrences also  further tarnish the image of Pakistan, the World over.

At the State level, neither condemnation of  these attacks nor doling out of paltry compensation is sufficient. Any security lapse leading to  Youhanabad attacks needs to be examined in a professional way. And Standard Operating Procedures for the security of all places of worship be reviewed to avoid recurrences.

Burning of two suspects alive by the violent Christian mob is equally unacceptable. Such vengeful reactions are never helpful in settling the issues; rather, these result in triggering lasting chain reaction. While the government’s negligence to secure the minorities’ places of worship deserves to be condemned, resort to gruesome violence by anyone for whatever purpose needs also to be discouraged. However, apart from this solitary incident, reaction by the Christan community has been quite mature; for which I commend the leadership of Christian community .

Such occurrences are taking place in Pakistan against the people of all religions, mosques and schools are also being hit with the same ferocity and  frequency. Therefore giving this occurrence an overwhelming coloration of anti-minority attack, by the majority, is also uncalled for.  I wish Pope was more measured in his comments. When all communities are suffering under similar conditions and environment, portraying the event as Christian focused [” Our brothers are spilling their blood simply because they are Christians….”] may be out of context and impolite.

Event also puts a question mark on the success of the   National Action Plan; and oft touted tall claims about breaking the back-bone of terrorist. Unfortunately, after every such exalted claim, terrorists have been able to hit back by conducting high profile attacks against soft and hard  target to put across the message that not only their backbone but other essential limbs are also fully functional. It would be better if the national leadership lets the people judge the efficacy of national counter terrorism effort by its effects.

Our hearts reach out to all victims of Youhanabad attacks; We pray that: May ALLAH, almighty, mitigate their pain and suffering; and grant them the strength to bear the losses! Ameen.




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