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Deliberate Ambiguity?

A photograph released by Saudi Arabia shows Brigadier General Ahmed Asiri at the news briefing with 11 flags displayed behind him, including those of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.  Saudi media has repeatedly aired the news that Pakistan has joined the coalition. Pakistan maintains that it has neither joined the military coalition nor has it sent any military personnel to actively participate in any operation against the insurgents in Yemen.

Earlier CNN apologized to Pakistan for reporting that Pakistani fighter jets had taken part in the fighting in Yemen.

Foreign Office spokesperson commented on the photograph: “I cannot speak for the government of Saudi Arabia. It is for them to comment on Pakistan’s flag amongst others at the press conference. Our views are very clear as have been articulated time and again and most recently by the PM himself.”

A statement from Prime Minster’s office said “Pakistan remains firmly committed to supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Pakistan, while also emphasizing that Pakistan stands committed to playing a meaningful role in arresting the deteriorating situation in the Middle East.”

PM leaves for Turkey tomorrow for consultations on Yemen; and for the same purpose, Iranian Foreign Minister shall arrive in Pakistan on April 08.  Joint session of the parliament has been summoned, on April 06, to discuss the issue. Convening of APC is also on the cards.

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