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Pakistan Focus congratulates PM Nawaz Sharif

Pakistan Focus congratulates Prime Minster Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on successful cardio surgery, we pray for his speedy recovery and early return to Pakistan.

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Switzerland abdicating neutrality?

Switzerland abdicating neutrality?

Switzerland must chose its options carefully, as of now one wonders whether it is transitioning from a peaceful neutral state to a terror sponsoring state? Hopefully not! . Regretfully, it frequently behaves in a manner as if it has no respect and regard for principles governing inter-state relations and UN Charter. It beams out such signals by allowing its banks to attract ill-gotten money from across the world and now it also hosts and prompts terrorists. Stance taken by the Swiss government in response to Pakistan’s protest is against the basic spirit of neutrality. Committing hostile acts against a sovereign member state of the UN by sponsoring and facilitating separatist elements that encourages them to commit subversion and claiming neutrality can’t go together.

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