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An appeal for saving Muhammad Morsi

Pakistan Focus strongly condemns the award of death sentence to former Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi. This was essentially a politically motivated trial. History tells us that truth is the  first causality in such trials. Though through such trials a political opponent is eliminated, the  subsequent problems that prop up are enormous  and in most cases insurmountable leading to prolonged spells of instability and disorder.  Having had the experience of hanging its elected prime Minister through a similar sham trial, Pakistan is still not able to overcome the societal polarizations thrown-up by the rash act.

Pakistan Focus hopes that the good sense would prevail and the sentence would not reach the implementation stage. However, in the meanwhile Pakistan Focus appeals to the UNSG, EU, HRW , UNCHR and all governments to intervene to prevent implementation of this sentence.

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  1. Morsi has also been sentenced to life in prison for allegedly conspiring to commit terrorist acts with foreign organisations and to another 40 years for allegedly leaking state secrets and sensitive documents to Qatar.

  2. Keep these arlcites coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

  3. That’s really thinking at an imevpssire level

  4. Tariq Niaz Bhatti

    Mr. Moorsi came from Akhwan ul Muslimoon an org which stood for reinstatement of Caliphate since 1929 till to date. It’s other affiliate like JI in Pakistan and India and Jama e Islamia in Indonesis have gone into power politics but the original Akhwan still stand for Ummah,s unity and restoration of Caliphate which was abolished in Turkey in 1925.
    Caliphate restoration will be a death to self styled kings of Gulf. Sauds are in the forefront not to let this happen and supported Gen Sisi to clamp down on Akhwan. Until unity through Caliphate is restored for 80% Sunni Muslims there can be no peace within, no end to proxy wars financed through Arab Kings money , no united front against Isreal, no stopping of genocide in Kashmir and Palestine and continued dominance of west on our resources. Most of Muslims will continue to live in Sham democracies like ours established with kings money.
    President Moorsi execution in the hands of Saudi Puppet Sisi will further boost the efforts of Akhwan and they might resort to violence like that of Al-Qaeda or ISIS. Mind it Ayman Al Zawahiri also rose from the ranks of Akhwan and ended up leading Al Qaeda now.
    Moorsi might die but ideology of unity in Ummah can never die and with such decisions it will reenergise and might explode into another round of violent Arab spring. This time may be Armd with Takfeeri faith like that of Al-Qaeda then it will be very difficult for any govt to control the situation with political or military means.

    • mansoor 'sayyed

      Mr. Tariq Niaz Bhatti; I do want to write for forgiveness of this harsh punishment for Mr. Morsi. On the other hand the Caliphate that you guys are for had been already established. Find out there is only ONE caliph in the world and the Khilafat has passed over 100 years’ age already and will continue to the day of Judgement. Prophet Muhammad told that for this era there shall be a Mahdi and Messiah to prevail and bring back the Imaan. Can you find where is the Caliphate on the verge of Khilafat Ala minhaji Nabuwat?

      Islam had to be spread the way Allah wanted; do read the first 5 versed of Surat Al Juma, how the 2nd coming of Prophet SAW had to come into existence. It was Allah’ design and decree. You and I can’t change it. OK
      Ask Allah to guide you.
      You have to ask Allah to guide you to the truth before you breath your last. Hope Allah guides you, Insha’Allah. I pray for your Khaloos filled prayers to get guidance from Him.
      Wasssalaam Mansoor /Sayyed

      PS: if you think Khilafat is in yours or my hand you are mistaken; think of it how the first time Khilafat was established 1440 year ago. Similarly it is not us who can establish it. Only Allah could. For your guidance go to Alislam.org

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