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Tactical Nuclear Weapons: An Answer to Cold Start Doctrine

Tactical Nuclear Weapons(TNW) have been developed by Pakistan as an answer to India's dangerous nuclear thought processes. It is not fair to blame Pakistan for the development of nuclear weapons.Security and safety of Pakistan's nuclear weapons as well as robustness of its impeccable command and control system have been acknowledged by World Class political leaders, strategists and technical experst. Development of tactical weapons is an indication of Pakistan's responsible behaviour to contain the threat and danger in the event of a war. As part of composite dialogue with India, Pakistan's offer of Strategic Restraint Regime is still on the table. It's essential components focus at addressing conventional imbalance, nuclear weapons and Missile systems.

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Pakistan Focus Condemns Attack on Lahore Churches

Chairman’s Blog: Pakistan Focus condemns the suicide attacks against two churches in Youhanabad, Lahore. It adds to the long list of  gruesome incidents which are consistently being inflicted on the people of this country. Beside hyping inter-faith discord within the country, such occurrences also  further tarnish the image of Pakistan, the World over. At the State level, neither condemnation of  …

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India working to operationalize Cold Start Doctrine

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first budget indicates a hike under defence head by US$ 4 billion, jacking it up from US$37 to US$41 billion; Pakistan’s total defence budget is under US$7 billion.  Indian government, in its infrastructure development initiatives, is focusing on constructing and connecting all weather roads along its  borders. Budget details indicate nearly 100 percent increase in allocation …

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Pakistan and India prepare to Talk

India and Pakistan are preparing for another round of talks. Indian Foreign Secretary is visiting Islamabad soon to resume the talks from the point his predecessor had disrupted arbitrarily.  Since then, Pakistan took a principled stand that as India has disrupted the process, the onus to restart is also on India. American pressure on Prime Minister Narendra Modi has worked. …

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