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India’s claim to state terrorism

True colours of  BJP government are now on display from the actions and statements of PM Modi’s government and cabinet members. The statement by Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar that “terrorism will be used to counter any terrorist attack” is the latest edition. Earlier in a social media video national security adviser of PM Modi, Ajit Doval had also suggested that terrorism could be a good strategy to achieve strategic national interest against Pakistan.

Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign Affairs, Mr Sartaj Aziz, has expressed serious concern over the statement made by Indian Defence Minister

This statement  only confirms Pakistan’s apprehensions about India’s involvement in terrorism in Pakistan. It must be the first time that a Minister of an elected government openly advocates use of terrorism in another country on the pretext of preventing terrorism from that country or its non-state actors.

Pakistan  sincerely pursues a policy of good neighbourly relations with India. Terrorism is our common enemy and it is vital for the two countries to work together to defeat this menace, from which Pakistan has suffered much more than  any other country.

UNSG should take notice of Indian Defence Minister’s statement to determine whether India is in violation of UNSC Resolution 1540 and other followup resolutions on terrorism.

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