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Pakistan Focus is a non-profit taking voluntary setup of civil society. It is bipartisan in character; it neither supports nor opposes any political party. It neither accepts donations nor does it carry out paid research projects.  As there are no sources of income, Pakistan Focus also does not pay any compensation for the contributions made by the persons and institutions. Pakistan Focus does not necessarily subscribe to the contents of articles, news items or other contents displayed on the website. It makes an effort to present pluralistic points of view to help the viewers form their independent opinions. Pakistan Focus does not acquire/claim copy rights of its contents; contributors are free to have them circulated through other mediums as well. These contents can be down loaded free of cost and used for research after due acknowledgement and attribution. Pakistan Focus encourages free circulation/ reproduction of its contents by educational institutions and welfare trusts. Pakistan focus looks forward to collaborating with other like-minded think tanks and education institutions, both in- country and abroad.

Those who agree to these purposes and are willing to make voluntary intellectual contribution may join us to make Pakistan Focus a vibrant think tank; while sending in a request in this regard desirous persons and institutions are expected to identify the way they wish to contribute .

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  1. Pakistan Focus is definitely a valuable plat form where when i get to know latest devalopment
    concerning Pakistan.

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