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Wither India: Good Terrorism of December 1992 Vs Bad Terrorism of January 1993 At Bombay

A POST FROM INDIA: COURTESY COUNTERCURRENTS.COM Sadly, with regards to communal and Caste violence, India has two kinds of laws, one for minority/Dalits and other for majority/high Castes. Whenever former suffer Indian State plays a game of forming COMISSIONS-COMMISSIONSto ensure that the heinous crimes against minorities and Dalits disappear from the public memory. In this regard the 1992-93 Bombay violence can be an interesting case for study. But if violence is believed to be perpetrated by minorities/Dalits, the punishment is instant. This latest judgmentensures punishment for January 1993 perpetrators but despite Justice BN Srikrishna Commission Report holding almost all Hindutva organizations responsible for killings of minority people in December 1992, the indicted perpetrators were not even questioned what to talk of arresting them.

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