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Pakistan Focus felicitates the people of Pakistan on the eve of 18th Yum-e-Takbeer.  Pakistan’s atomic programme was developed to make country’s defence impregnable. It is a guarantee for peace in South Asia. This programme created requisite balance of power,  necessary to make this region safe. Ever since stable deterrence has held its way, no crisis has spun out of control …

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Tactical Nuclear Weapons: An Answer to Cold Start Doctrine

Tactical Nuclear Weapons(TNW) have been developed by Pakistan as an answer to India's dangerous nuclear thought processes. It is not fair to blame Pakistan for the development of nuclear weapons.Security and safety of Pakistan's nuclear weapons as well as robustness of its impeccable command and control system have been acknowledged by World Class political leaders, strategists and technical experst. Development of tactical weapons is an indication of Pakistan's responsible behaviour to contain the threat and danger in the event of a war. As part of composite dialogue with India, Pakistan's offer of Strategic Restraint Regime is still on the table. It's essential components focus at addressing conventional imbalance, nuclear weapons and Missile systems.

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