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Pakistan’s peace wish list


I tend to begin by quoting from Mohammed Hanif’s recent heart rending column “Pakistan’s needless martyrs” carried by “International New York Times” on January 22: “Last week Pakistan’s prime minister and army chief were seen huddled together in a plane on their way to Saudi Arabia and then Iran. As the rulers of the sole Muslim nuclear power in the …

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Deliberate Ambiguity?

A photograph released by Saudi Arabia shows Brigadier General Ahmed Asiri at the news briefing with 11 flags displayed behind him, including those of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Pakistan maintains that it has neither joined the military coalition nor has it sent any military personnel to actively participate in any operation. Earlier CNN apologized to Pakistan for reporting that Pakistani fighter jets had taken part in the fighting in Yemen. PM leaves for Turkey tomorrow for consultations on Yemen; and for the same purpose, Iranian Foreign Minister shall arrive in Pakistan on April 08.

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Pakistan enters Yemen crisis

[Featured Image: Courtesy Reuters] Seriously bruised from the spillover effects of Afghan conflict, with no signs of early and safe extrication in sight, Pakistan has jumped into another fray, the Yemen conflict. Participation in Afghan conflict brought terrorism to Pakistan's territory and the new found (mis) adventure is likely to accentuate the sectarian violence. In all probability decision has already been taken to commit Pakistan's military in Yemen on behalf of Saudi Arabia. Only regularization through Parliament and or APC is pending. Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the Yemen conflict, and the subsequent Saudi announcement of a coalition against Houthi rebels, involving Pakistan, has drawn a mixed reaction at home. However the point of concern is that: Is the threat perception correct? It is a different thing to rush to the aid of a valued ally who is in danger than facilitating an ally in playing its regional game in another country. Are Houthis really posing a territorial threat to Saudi Arabia? It will be an uphill task for the government for the government of Pakistan to accrue national consensus on this divisive issue. However, consensus or no consensus, executive appears poised to go ahead with its decision.

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