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Vision & Mission


To be a leading online think-tank. 


To monitor whole range of in-country, regional and global dynamics, ascertain their impact on Pakistan and suggest ways and means to maximize their favourable impact, and minimize their negative fallout on Pakistan through course correction and or policy shift.

Council of Advisers

Under constitution


  1. Having a clearly defined Mission statement also helps employees better understand things like company-wide decisions, organizational changes, and resource allocation, thereby lessening resistance and workplace conflicts.

  2. If your artelcis are always this helpful, “I’ll be back.”

  3. What is done to the Jews and to Israel is the worst kind of terror — the eidrong sense that there is no safe place and that no one else sees or cares. But you are wrong. Many of us do see and do care — we just don’t know how to help other than to try to pressure our government to acknowledge Israel’s difficulties and to try to help — or at least get out of the way of what Israel feels it must do to protect itself.

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